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If Anime Was Real If Anime Was Real

Rated 4 / 5 stars

XD Lol

The Animation was good, the mouth sync was really good.
I thought it was funny, *nose bleed* Although I'm not to sure about the barfing part o.O

The Man Who Cant Be Moved The Man Who Cant Be Moved

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I need a tissue! ='e!

That was fantastic, your timing was superb beyond imagining, You have an excellent taste in music. It's sad he was just waiting there for so long for the loved opposite.

What really amazes me is you got yourself a story in this, what makes an excellent 4.0+ Score flash is a great story not how the animations are done. If you can make a Blob character into a 4.0 score I am very VERY excited for your future flashes.

This my friend is going on my favorites list, and shall stay on my favorites list, the chances are ill be coming back to watch this again very soon. I truly hope you decide to create another flash in the very near future.

Your New Fan: Sensa! XD

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waiyan responds:

thank you :) glad u enjoyed it. i'll definitely try to improve my Blob Characters in my next flash.

Queens Bite Queens Bite

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Superb Job!

- The animation is superb, outstanding job with the graphics most likely took a while to get it that good.

- The background music and sounds used was a good choice for your animation.
- Excellent Timing as well with the sound FX!

- There is not much story to it, guy in wig brings food to feed the Queen, falls off balcony, and gets eaten.

I'm only assuming you did not brain storm this through, or did not have a script. This most definetly could have been put up on the front page over a 4.50+ if you only have thought of something more to add to the story. Though it probably would require a title change then. But I guess you decided it was enough and decided to upload, which is fine!
Add: The bulk of an animation is a good story IMO not graphics.

Superb Job Non-the less!

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The-Evil-Bunny responds:

Thx a lot for the kind respond, you couldn't have nailed it more than you did right there (:
I worked a lot on my style but lost sight on a good story. I'm at he end of my first year of animation, next year I'll make a better one (: hope to nail the front page when i do (:

Have a good one. Ken

5 short loops Theatre 5 short loops Theatre

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


The first one I clicked was the hippy mobile in the background but there was no way to return to see the other 4 so I had to refresh. After watching another short clip I see a return button on the screen. At the end I decided to check the hippy mobile in the background and there still was no return button.

Other than that its a quite enjoyable flash with fun loops to click on.

HolyKonni responds:

hi and thanks! actually there is a moose in the left corner. it's just VERY transparent, that's all.

Hetalia Winter Olympics Hetalia Winter Olympics

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice Job!

Not the best animation although I do like your style of animation! I just wish you made something other than an AD. You see them everywhere these days, although you made this flash enjoyable to watch it went together well!

Nice Job hope to see other future animations!
- Sensa

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Nejiten Sexyback Nejiten Sexyback

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Nice animation the mouth could have used more work! - the ending was my favorite not only that the Extras were enjoyable to watch.

Toboe-LoneWolf responds:

Yeah, I know I drew the mouths kind of weird, but this is the first time I tried dubbing frame-by-frame -- the other times I used tweens. Well, this was really only my second attempt at ever attempting dubbing in the first place. >>

Glad you liked the extras! They were fun to add.

Catch me Goku Catch me Goku

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Short but Captures DBZ/DBK

The Animation is well done although it is a bit short
This animation will capture fans of DBZ/DBK but is not too friendly to those who have not watched it or any-type of anime. (Example to user CMG-UTOPIA comment)
The sound is excellent 44hz great timing and a title that is not misleading!

also you added a replay button which I can tell you now it will be clicked again by me.

Vegeta face is absolutely hilarious when hes being punched down lol.

- Sensa

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DBZ: Hope of the Universe DBZ: Hope of the Universe

Rated 4 / 5 stars


lol the ending was so funny you had a perfect ending voice just like in dub dbz xD!

the voices for the main animation well cha <.< sorta eehish but cha the ending :O funny..

uhmm..thats it =P

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Lol Seriously Lol Seriously

Rated 3 / 5 stars


I found it pretty funny you did a good job, good starters animation if its only your 3rd animation or so =P

Anyway scorpion123987 creating an animation as a 5-year old would be almost impossible to not add he would have to learn how to use the computer which can take a couple of years to master and even figure out what a flash is! and soup what are you trying to say? each newgrounds flash has to be an accomplishment a user cannot upload what theyv put there time into.

I probably won't get a reply but I just don't like people who come online and post such mean thing's to people. - Get a life? lol? yet your on the internet as well as everyone else none of us really have lifes =P - this sucks - It's actually quite good comparing to lots of other flashes iv seen in the past and the ones that hit verge of death instantly.

Anyway this is a good flash It was quite funny and worth the watch I hope to see more short flash madness animations from you in the future!

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Give out your heart... Give out your heart...

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

well done!

I saw a few errors with your layers most likely accidental, I liked your animation. it was hard to tell what gender each were or I'm still unsure if there were even two characters In this animation. At one point it looks like there holding hands with the flower in the middle with the sunset (very nice mood setting) well that's just it the sleeves it was hard to tell if they actually were holding hands cause there are none!

Also a nice music choice very nicely done!

Jamieneo66 responds:

Ah it is a guy and a girl :3
but i suppose your right there, i'll have to make the corrections in the edit, and sorry this took so long to get back to XD