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Medals! & More!

2009-06-17 01:22:22 by sensarchux

Well now...a medal for clicking 10,000 times which took 2hrs and a medal for literally holding the k on my keyboard for a hour. errmmm....

anyway thats about it...since I'm a nobody have no flashes up I'll be making some fun random posts! since no one will really read them anyway!


2009-06-17 01:02:39 by sensarchux

I'm new to this and getting used to it.... Iv recently been watching alot of other peoples flash videos reviewing voting etc.
Working on a flash but I dare not upload it as a test cause Im afraid to get hate mail and comments.

Although I badly want to test new grounds out I want to know like how to set up my loader did I do this right etc.

My flash has been on hold for the past 1-2-weeks