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Entry #2

Medals! & More!

2009-06-17 01:22:22 by sensarchux

Well now...a medal for clicking 10,000 times which took 2hrs and a medal for literally holding the k on my keyboard for a hour. errmmm....

anyway thats about it...since I'm a nobody have no flashes up I'll be making some fun random posts! since no one will really read them anyway!


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2009-06-17 06:07:39

Apparently I I just read it. SURPRISE!

sensarchux responds:

wow readers lol thats amazing.

looks like I has to get more professionals with my posts O.O


2009-06-17 15:37:14

Me tooo Woooooooo!


2009-11-07 12:51:13

:D there are esier ways to get the ocd medals
but sucks fer u!

bacon and fish burgers.....would probabley taste good


2013-06-04 06:00:53

Where are the random posts? :(

sensarchux responds:

commenting after 3-years >:O lol

xD passion for wanting to make music/flashes/updates on newgrounds died out! o_O so...I never really got apart of newgrounds

music favorites wise is still kicking but thats it for activity!